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"For I have always been a seeker, a dreamer, and a ponderer on seeking and dreaming".


This is an encyclopedia for Howard Phillips Lovecraft's Dream Cycle and associated universe that anyone can edit.

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The Dream Cycle is a series of fantasy stories that take place in the Dreamlands, a vast alternate dimension that can only be entered via dreams. The Dream Cycle had an influence on other writers who complemented Lovecraft's universe with their own characters and stories.The universe of the Dream Cycle also includes a few movies and a number of table and computer games.

Earth in Dreamlands has distinctive geography and is inhabited by humans and a wide variety of creatures. People from waking world who are able to visit this dimension are known as dreamers. The world of Dream Cycle has many connections with the Cthulhu Mythos, in particular they share the same pantheon of gods, mention the same grimoires and waking world locations. Both universes are usually unified into one, but the Dream Cycle has its own unique lore and atmosphere closer to high fantasy than horror, so we think it deserves its own separate wiki.

Currently most of the articles here contain only basic information on their subjects; feel free to clarify and complement them. References and quotations are welcome. Incomplete or placeholder articles are marked as Stub.

Sources, canon and style[]

We consider canon any published book, story or roleplaying paperback connected with Dreamlands or its characters. Lore from games, movies, Internet fanfiction and other sources has lower priority but is also worth mentioning. If sources contradict each other, this should be highlighted in the article.

Main sources are the following, in descending order of priority:

Information on many topics is rather scarce, so it is possible that not every article provides an interesting reading. We try to improve that by adding stylish artwork, not avoiding rumors and fan theories, and generally using slightly more literary language than regular wikis.

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